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Zeek Catweazle is a born performer. A singer-songwriter, a musician, entertainer, author, actor, compére, humorist are among many of his abilities. He is best known for his musical project ZEEKtheFREAK, but he has many more talents.


Zeek was born Steven Alexander Smith on October 12th, 1958 in Dundee Scotland. He moved to Holland in 1979, where he lived for 36 years, but he now lives in the South of France with author Agatha Stoneheart and Bruce the boxer.

He has one brother, who still lives in Holland.

He is a sports fanatic and has practised football, cycling, weightlifting, golf


His writes, records and performs music in the ZEEKtheFREAK and Zeek D'Accoustique projects and the band My Celtic Faith. Other bands he previously co-created and sang in were the Snap-on Brothers, the Infamous Zeek & Giz. He also sang and performed in the bands Stevie & the Saddlesniffers, Fill Bloom, Ebo, among others.


ln, the early 70's his first band was an Alice Cooper cover band. In 1977, he formed the Snap-on Brothers with Murray 'Muff' Tosh and later, after the brothers disbanded, the Infamous ZEEK & GIZ with the third member of the brothers Dave 'Giz' Mann


In 1996, he started to record for the first time as ZEEKtheFREAK and later formed a band for his stage show. To this day he still records.

in 2014 My Celtic Faith was formed, a project with Tommy 'the Bonz' Kuilboer (ex-Freak) and Lars Vrasdonk (ex Fill Bloom) and Lennaert Roomer (Frostbyte of theFreaks). The band play Symphonic Celtic Metal. Zeek is on vocals and acoustic guitar.


He started the Zeek D'Accoustique project to use for his alternative acoustic sets.

He first acting performance was aged 5 in a local theatrical society performance of Mary Poppins in Dundee, he has also performed at the 8th October parade and the fool moon festival, both in Alkmaar


He created and started the Feelgood Festival in Alkmaar. A charity event to raise money for local children's charities. Which he originally compéred, but after 4 years he left the organisation.

He has also worked as a compère at a metal festival in Holland


He created, writes and produces the zany fake tabloid 'the Fools Funnybone' and he is an author of humorous novels, poems, short stories and poems, his writings are as his music, a humour, that is silly as it is controversial or even rude.

Other projects include he loves to portray his Philosophical views in quotes with the help of his photography He has written and drawn a cartoon-page called 'Mr. Smith's garden'. It is written for very small children and later 'the Freaky heads'


He is in the process of writing and creating a Rock Opera about Elvis

Zeek has started working with top Dutch musician 'Maus Muziek' from the band 'Rachel' He will form the lyrical side of the partnership