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The Philosophy of the Happy Psycho

Many thoughts pass through my head, every second of every minute of every day. A lot of it is nonsense and is forgotten, but in this blog I will be sharing my views on nearly everything. somethings you may agree with, other things you may not. These are just my views are just my opinion, how I see things. So show me respect and if you don't like my views, don't annoy me with it, get your own blog.... and just bugger away off of this one!!!!!

The Philosophy of the Happy Psycho

Holiday in Dundee

(ZEEKtheFREAK on tour in Scotland)

This blog will hopefully give people an idea of my return visit to my hometown. This will be the first visit in nearly 10 years.

I will try to write everyday summery’s, as long as I can stay out of the pub. LOL

Holiday in Dundee

Zeek to work with a commercial band

(April 2019)

Zeek has started collaborating with Dutch musician Maus Muziek. He'll be writing the lyrics for the up and coming album from 'the Rachel band (facebook page)

He has already penned 4 songs and is currently working on a 5th track. When the album is to be released is as yet unknown and hopefully, we'll have more details about this project later

New album expected within two years

(August 2019)

After a 10 year gap between the last 2 albums, this comes as a big surprise Zeek is planning a new ZEEKtheFREAK album. The reason given is the change in musical direction he wants to take while writing the new album. The tracks for the new album are starting to materialise. This album will be more alternative to the pop songs of the last couple of albums......(see further album competition)

Read the blog of Zeek's homecoming

(September 2019)

Read the day to day blog about Zeek's return home to Dundee for the first time in nearly 10 years.

With a photograph section to give you a better idea of the trip, this really is a blog for Dundonians to read.

The Dundee it here

New lyrics pages on the website

(November 2019)

Now you can sing-along to ZEEKtheFREAK songs and other songs written by Zeek.

Just click on the link and you will go top the index page

Lyrics page...go here

Zeek appearing as an extra in a Dutch film

(May 2019)  

Zeek is slowly but surely moving towards a different direction in the entertainment world, when he will be acting as extra in an up and coming film 'Huisvrouwen bestaan niet 2'  (Housewives don't exist 2) in the Netherlands. The film is to be released around Christmas 2019. No surprise, but he will be appearing as a barman in a biker bar.

The question is: Is the film world ready for ZEEKtheFREAK?

Zeek broke a bone in his hand on Hogmanay

(January 2019)     

During the last hours of 2018 didn't go as planned for Zeek, because while the celebrations with friends were in full swing, things went terribly wrong. It was during a stupid prank, Zeek broke a bone in his left hand. Thus all plans for writing and recording the albums, have had to be put on hold. Even after turning 60, the Freak still hasn't grown up

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