Zeek Catweazle

The new website is online

for more info check out social media

My Friends,

the website is closed for now. There are changes on the way and I will keep you up to date with happenings in the Zeek world. Sorry for the inconvenience but I promise when the website is back online, things will be different and better


I am planning to move all my projects from this website to a new website I am building. .....more news soon


Folks, I have thought long and hard about the website and have decided to change it all and this is the new address: https://zeekmusic.nl/

Here are my main reasons:

1) The old website was too clustered and not informative enough, so this one is being stripped back to the basics.

2) It was time for me to lose the Catweazle tag, as that is no longer compatible with my music and dreams.

So please check it out. I know it is not finished, but I felt that is was presentable enough for now.