Zeek Catweazle is best known as ZEEKtheFREAK and for his music, but there are many other projects that he works on.

This page will give you are a better insight into the work of the entertainer

ZEEK is also involved in the theatre, he is known for being a Raving Thespian. From starting a festival for sick children to being a compère at a metal festival to appearing in a Parade. ZEEK, the actor is available for anything theatre work.

From an early age, ZEEK was 6 when he appeared on stage, as one of the children in a local dramatic society's production of Mary Poppins.

Much later appearing as Dracula and a year later as SM master at the Foolmoon Festival in Alkmaar

He also appeared 3 times in the local parade for the Alkmaar Ontzet Parade

He was also the Scottish chicken seller at the Alkmaarse Kaeskoppenstad, a festival to celebrate Alkmaar for centuries as the top Dutch Cheese city.

He compèred the very first Feel-good Festival, Later at the Wootrock metal music festival. The first time all Dutch metal bands, the second time was a mixture of Scottish and Dutch metal bands





In 1999, Zeek devised and created the FEELGOOD FESTIVAL, A rock festival to raise money for

the local sick and underprivileged children in the Alkmaar (Holland) area. 



Alkmaar, 1999.

Originally from Scotland Zeek Catweazle, in better known in circles known as ZEEKtheFREAK as is actively involved in the music scene in and around Alkmaar.


According to ZEEK, there were not enough live music venues in the area where local bands could get the opportunity to perform in front of a larger audience, the only example being on Queensday (A Royal Dutch festive day) in Podium Atlantis. 

Assisted by musician friend Dennis Rourke (drummer of the band Sound), who was a veteran festival organiser, the idea began to form for a musical festival. Dennis suggested the idea of donating the proceeds of the festival to a charity, as the festival was not for financial but for entertainment gain.

What could be more beautiful than music serving another musical goal?

Carla Bouman, who was working at the MCA proposed to donate the proceeds to the paediatric ward of the hospital so that instruments could be purchased for musical activities. When she cried, "I feel good about this '' the name for the festival was born.


The owner of Podium Atlantis, Sietse offered his podium free of charge for the festival. On the advice of ZEEK, they divided the downstairs hall into two stages so that more bands can play. Barmaid Donica Buisman provided them with the press report they needed and thankful to this the attention of the media was plentiful. The day itself was a great success; 300 visitors come to the festival and a reasonable amount was raised for charity. ZEEK was aware that organising a festival was not a one-man job. The fateful day he helps the bands backstage, compére and appearing on stage with his band. He had no time to eat or relax and after his performance collapsed from exhaustion.


For the second Festival, he, therefore, decided to recruit others to the team. Pea-Humphrey, (Bertje Doperwtje,.....sorry Bert, this was too cool a name to correct) the most well-known street musician in Alkmaar was added. as was Margot Bierman, an Alkmaar's piano teacher who had already gathered together a very large amount of money for the benefit. A special program for children was devised to attract even more visitors and this edition was very successful.

With all the proceeds of the first and second edition, it was possible to collect a wide range of instruments and to hand this over to the children's department of the MCA (local hospital) and Triversum. (a place for difficult children)


This festival is now an annual event. The audience can enjoy every year the performances of bands from the region and the proceeds will go to various institutions and schools who otherwise no budget so that they can achieve musical projects. Think of a new guitar for the living room of a respite home, professional microphones that are used for rap workshops for young people or buying a djembe workshop for a residential facility for young people with disabilities.


For the upcoming 17th edition (2016) Zeek the Freak will be back on stage at FeelGood. It is a special moment for the spiritual father, who has emigrated to the south of France and is temporarily travelling to Alkmaar for a mini-tour. His band is normally known for the extravagant and sometimes controversial live showsbut for Saturday afternoon in Koekenbier ZEEK will keep it relaxed and he will appear on stage as Zeek D'Accoustique,' freak 'songs in an unplugged jacket.


Taken from the FEELGOOD FESTIVAL website, feelgood festival BLOG written by Marianne Braak. This story is translated from the Original Dutch version, any difference from the original is only done to help the story flow better in English.

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