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August 2021

Zeek's health update

Main Story



Zeek's treatment is working well. He has just had his sixth and final chemo infuse and is feeling good. The signs are also good. In a few weeks, he will have MRI and a CT scans to see what the next plans are. His operation is scheduled for November...more info to follow

Other good news resulting from the rest period:

Zeek is back writing music for his various projects.

If you would like to send Zeek best wishes, please do it via the contact page or send it via the email address info@zeekcatweazle.com


september 2021

ZEEKtheFREAK singles to be released in the States


Zeek has released five singles in the U. S of A. They are Drowning in the demon drink, The Rain, Lost in your eyes, Xmas for the Alkies and Blow a Fuse. The release of the tracks is just to warm the Americans up for the next album D.I.D. So things are finally starting to take off...not bad after 40 odd years of trying

june 2021

Zeek's health scare


Zeek has put all his projects on hold for the coming time, as he has been hit by health problems and that is more important at this time. "A few months ago, a malignant tumour was found in my rectum. I am undergoing radiotherapy and  Chemotherapy. When this is done, I will have to have an operation and I will receive a stoma bag, but I can live with that. I have to admit it did come as a massive shock, but I do have good news. The cancer was only in this area, so I hope to fully recover and I hope to be back and annoying people within a few months."

June 2020

Zeek all-clear


After many months of vocal/throat problems, a visit to the Nose and Throat department of the M.C.A. (Medical Center Alkmaar) has given Zeek the all-clear sign. there are no problems and his vocal cords are fine and healthy.


He can begin work on the D.I.D. album and his children's book.

june 2020

Zeek cameo in Dutch film


Zeek is slowly moving towards a different direction in the entertainment world when he will be acting as an extra in an up-and-coming film 'Huisvrouwen bestaan niet 2'  (Housewives don't exist 2) in Holland. The film is to be released around Christmas 2019. No surprise, but he will be appearing as a barman in a biker bar.

april 2020

Lyricist Dutch band


Zeek has started collaborating with Dutch musician Maus Muziek. He'll be writing the lyrics for the album from the Rachel band.He has already penned 4 songs and is currently working on a 5th track. When the album is to be released is as yet unknown and hopefully, we'll have more details about this project later

January 2019

Zeek broken hand prank


Zeek has broken a bone in his left hand after a stupid prank at a Hogmanay party with friends. It seems the Freak has still not lost his silly streak.

This mishap has put him out of action for the next couple of months.  Will he ever learn?

Project News

New project website online soon

For tax purposes, Zeek has taken on another website for all of his projects and professional work. www.zeekproductions.com

That website will contain most of his work and this one will contain more about his singing work.

august 2021

Illustrator for children's book


Zeek has taken another step towards his dream to release a children's storybook.
An illustrator has been added to the team.

"I have been searching for someone whom I feel will make the book more accessible to everyone, and with the help of this illustrator, I think I have found the perfect person."

Hopefully, sometime next year (2022), Zeek has plans to release the book...more info later

december 2020

New Musical Project Started


A new musical project has been born out of the ashes of My Celtic Faith. (which is returning to its Celtic roots) The band features Zeek with Lennaert Roomer and Lars Vrasdonk and will be a rock/metal band.      

Check out the website: insanitysuits.com

october 2020

the Fools Funnybone 3 online


The release of the 3rd edition of Zeek's zany tabloid The FOOLS FUNNYBONE is official and is now available for everyone to read, but please be warned, this edition is even madder than the first two    read it here THE FOOLS FUNNYBONE 3

Important Events

Upcoming events

Insanity Suits:  A new musical project.

Expected somet1me 2022.   check out the website


New album expected summer 2022  

check out the Official ZEEKtheFREAK website

New children's book 

expected summer 2022  

available for download @

Or order direct from this website. . .here

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