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The Fools Funnybone is the written work Zeek Catweazle is best known for, but he has also written novels and short stories and collaberated wirh musical partner the Great Giz on a fanzine called B.U.M.S.

In this page we will introduce you to this work. 

The History

The first novel was 'Who stole a cigarette from Nigel' which was written in 1980, while Zeek lay in hospital with a broken arm after a cycling accident.


Although this novel was a massive hit in the lunatic asylums of the world, it is no longer available. But there are plans to have it re-released on this website. Stay tuned for that news.

He co-wrote the zany fanzine B.U.M.S. with musical partner The Great Giz. This fanzine was for fans of the Infamous Zeek & Giz fans and was to be an influence for the Fools Funnybone tabloid.


(Hopefully one day, we will get copies of this on this website)

He always has written short stories, some which will appear here and his cartoon 'Mr. Smith's garden.' This project will be written into a novel soon.

We come now to his most famous written work: The Fools Funnybone. A tabloid that is not everyone's cup of tea but produces Zeek's funniest work.

Hopefully, the start of 2021 will produce the long-awaited novel 'The Curse of the Panty Thief of Foddleburg.'

Early viewings have said it is a work of comical genius. 


A zany who done it novel narrated by Private Investigator Eddie Case, taking place in the fictional town of Foddleburg. A thief of the under-garments is at large and must be stopped before we are all knickerless.

Coming soon


Coming soon

Additional work

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