the bully

The Bully

Josh Lorimar was called a bully. Everyone in and around the Caveton area of town had either met or heard of him.

When people saw him, they went the other way, even though it would lengthen the journey they were on by quite a bit.

They classed him as a spoiled brat because he always gets his way and gets what he wanted from his parents.

But people were wrong. They never knew all that he had been through in his still young life.

You see, Josh had parents who regularly abused him or ignored him when he came home from school.

They never paid any attention to his school or after school activities. There were no welcome hugs or kisses.

His family neglected to give the attention he desired.

And so, you see, Josh was bitter at the world and anyone who lived in it.

But there was one girl at school, Jennifer, who could feel his pain.

She never ran from him, always had time to talk to him, and he always felt at ease with her around.

Josh finally plucked up enough courage to invite Jennifer to his home.

It was an eye-opener for Jennifer, and it shocked her more than a bit.

But she could now understand his reason for being the way he was.

And so, things were to change on a cold rainy Thursday morning, when Josh was once again awkward in class.

Jennifer could see in his actions he was screaming for attention.

He was annoying the other students and upsetting the young inexperienced teacher Miss Applebee.

And so, for the fifth time that week, Josh was sent out the class. But this time to the headmaster's office.

It was then that Jennifer stood up and asked if she could speak to her and the headmaster.

And Miss Applebee agreed as she was lost for what to do with him.

They arrived at the headmaster's office. Josh was sitting quietly in his chair.

The expression on his face was one of amazement to see Miss Applebee and Jennifer.

Jennifer just smiled and after knocking they entered the office.

Josh could not hear what was being said, but he could hear shouting and arguing. He thought to himself, what had Jennifer done to receive this treatment.

After what seemed like an eternity, Josh was summoned to enter the headmaster's office.

His heart was beating faster than as if he had just run a marathon.

But on entering the office, he was amazed to see smiles all round.

"Please sit, Josh," the headmaster said, "You are a lucky young man to have a friend like Jennifer.

She has explained your home situation, and we are going to do everything to help you."

And they did.

As Jennifer and Josh left the room, no words were said, but things did change for him after his story came out.

You see children, you should never judge a book by its cover.

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