tommy drew

The Adventures of Tommy Drew

What was to be a lovely holiday trip could have turned into a nightmare for the Drew family.

Mom and Dad drew were Phyliss and Terry Drew, a young couple married for five years, and they had one child, Tommy.

Tommy was a bit of a young adventurer, although he was only 18 months old, he was always up to mischief. It was so bad that sometimes in town they had put a lead on him; otherwise, he was gone.

They had packed everything into the car, but Dad mentioned they would have to stop at the petrol station to fill up the tank.

As they parked up to gas up, mum said she would get some snacks for the journey, so she entered the shop at the petrol station. Dad was busy filling the tank, and thus no-one noticed the mischievous Tommy somehow unlock his seat belt and sneak out of the car.

It was over by the bushes, he saw some rabbits playing, and it was if the larger of the rabbits was waving at him to come over to them. So, without thinking, he crawled over and was in amongst them, eating their lettuce and playing with the little ones.

It was then the daddy rabbit, who was called Bopper, turned to Tommy and said. "where are you off to then Tommy?"

Without even flinching, Tommy answered in a baby language, but somehow the rabbit just nodded as he spoke.

"I am off on holiday with mum and dad, but I don't like travelling," Tommy said.

"Well, why don't you come with us," Daddy rabbit said.

And before he knew it, he was sliding down a rabbit hole with all the other rabbits.

"Weeee..." they all screamed.

And with a thud, they all landed in a big heap, but on a lovely shaggy carpet. Everyone rolled about laughing.

Once Tommy had wiped the tears from laughing from his eyes, he realised he was in this vast magnificent dining room, with candles and music.

The baby rabbits, which they actually call kittens, were running around and playing. One of the kittens grabbed Tommy by the hand, and they were running through tunnels. One tunnel led to a swimming pool, and they laughed as they tumbled into the water.

Tommy was amazed that without any lessons, he could swim correctly.

After an hour they were summoned back to the big hall by Bopper.

He spoke with a very authoritative voice.

"My fellow Bunnies, cousin Hares and our special guest Tommy. I welcome you all to this feast."

There were a few murmurs and definitely more than a few dirty looks aimed at Tommy.

"We are gathered here to enrol Tommy here into the brethren of cottontails,"

There was much 'here, here' and the clinking of glasses filled with carrot juice.

But Tommy said. "Wait, please wait. I think you have it wrong; I am not a rabbit., I am human, and I have no fluffy tail,"

Suddenly all the animals roared with laughter, but that only seems to make Tommy mad.

"Stop laughing; you are wrong; I am a human baby." Tommy blared.

Again everyone laughed.

"My dear Tommy, join me, look in this mirror,"

Tommy walked towards Bopper and screamed with shock when he saw his reflection.

He was all hairy and fluffy. He was a baby rabbit.

'Aargh!" he screamed, "what has happened to me?"

By this time, most of the older rabbits and hares were dining at a large table. Bopper summoned Tommy to join them at the table. There were apples and carrots and lettuce and lots of lovely fruit and vegetables.

As Tommy sat next to Bopper, the rabbit smiled at him and spoke.

"My dear Tommy, we have been following you for many years, and we feel that in your heart, you are more a mischievous rabbit than a human baby.

So we fluffy creatures gathered together and decided you should join us.

"but, but, but," Tommy stuttered, "I don't want to be a rabbit."

Once again, murmurs and boos were heard in the great hall.

One giant rabbit stood up. "I told you, I warned you that Fluffer would not do it."

"Please sit down, Grumper," Bopper said.

"Fluffer?" Tommy said

"Yes, we have christened you Fluffer," Bopper continued.

Tommy sat, grumpy faced staring down the floor.

"You see Tommy. You are always digging in the garden, and you love carrots, you never listen to your parents. You see, my dear Fluffer, you are a rabbit at heart."

"Please stop calling me Fluffer," Tommy screamed.

There was suddenly whispering amongst the larger male rabbits. Lots of pointing and staring. Lots of murmuring and booing. Poor Tommy could not hear what they were saying.

After a time, which seemed like an eternity to Tommy, Bopper turned back to Tommy. He looked earnestly at him and spoke.

"Fluffer, or Tommy as you want to be called. we have decided that if you are sure you want to be a human and not a Fluffy tail, then we are agreed," Bopper continued, " but only on one condition."

"Please Bopper, I don't want to be a rabbit," Tommy said.

But such a remark only made the Fluffy tails angry, and the feeling in the great hall was terrifying, to say the least. Many boos were heard.

"If we return you to the human world, you must promise to stop acting like us and start acting like a human."

"I do, I promise," Tommy replied.

"Okay Fluffer, or Tommy as you will be known. We will return you to real life. But be warned one more rabbit trick, and you will be one of us forever.

With that, a bright flashing light shined in Tommy's face, and this startled him, he opened his eyes and looked around. He saw he was back in the car heading to the holiday. It had all been a dream.

You can be assured from that day Tommy acted human.

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