Bobby Smith and Alison Richardson never knew each other, but they had more in common than they knew.

Bobby Smith was not your average 8-year-old boy. His father worked for the airforce, so he was used to moving around to live in different towns,

It was a rainy Saturday morning, and the Smith family were on the move again.

Bobby was an easy go, lucky boy, and very few things annoyed him.

So this move, he thought, was just like all the other but that is where he was wrong. He knew he had been adopted, but loved his parents as if they were his real mum and dad.

The family headed towards the base near Summertown. Bobby made the most of his father's company as he was off on another mission within days of the move.

In Summertown lived a young 8-year-old girl called Alison Richardson.

She was a very smart girl; in fact, she was top of her class in nearly every subject, and her teacher had high hopes for her.

Her parents Jeremy and Cecilia Richardson, had taught her well and had never hidden the fact she was adopted. And that here birth parents were both dead.

Alison did not have a problem with that; she loved her mum and dad, and her life was beautiful. But there was always one thing that played on her mind. She always dreamt about a boy, was it an old friend or maybe even a brother? 

But she never got the answer in her dreams, as she could never see a face. And her parents also could not help her.

Alison's mother worked for Amnesty and was abroad more than not. So it was business as usual as on a rainy Thursday morning, her mother set off on another adventure to deepest Africa.

They embraced and cried and said how much they loved each other, and her mother was gone.

It was the exact same Thursday, Bobby's father was sent out to the middle east, to work at the base there. The Air Force Base there was under attack a lot, so it was all hands on deck.

Little did they know that that Thursday was to change both their lives forever.

The following Monday Alison was present with a student, who was introduced to her class. It was Bobby Smith. A strange feeling came over Alison, she felt like she's known Bobby all her life and was immediately drawn to him. 

Bobby sat down and realised Alison was staring at him.

"What is your problem? " he asked.

Alison looked away very. embarrassed

Later that evening as Bobby sat staring out the window, it was for the first time he realised that Alison was his next-door neighbour. He sighed with disbelief.

The weeks passed, and it was as if they grew further apart. Alison was studying hard for the exams, and Bobby was trying to get into the school football team. But still, their connection grew stronger.

It as during the following months that events took a course that surprised everyone.

Alison's mother had been taken captive by some terrorists, and hopes of seeing her again were slim.

Just as the sad news came to Bobby as his mother that his father was missing in action. It was presumed had been killed. He was broken as was Alison. Both their school work began to suffer, and both kids became closed and uninterested in life.

In school, Dr Fredrickson was also a psychologist., It was arranged for both the children to join his class of broken children. This class was held  Friday afternoon after school.

Sitting for the first time in the class, they were asked to introduce themselves.

Bobby went first.

"Hi, my name is Bobby Smith, both my original parents are dead," he said, "and now my adopted father is missing in action in the middle east."

"Hi Bobby," the class replied

Next, it was the turn of Alison.

"Hi, my name is Alison Richardson, my real parents are also both dead," 

Alison looked over at Bobby, and thoughts raced through her head.

She continued, "my adopted mother was working for Amnesty and is now reported missing in Africa." 

There was a silence in the class and the light shining through the window. It was if it connected both Alison and Bobby.

They looked at each other, just as the school bell went. Everyone raced out of the class—all except Alison and Bobby.

Dr Fredrickson realising the situation remarked.

"I will leave you two to talk. You have a lot in common. I will be next door in my office."

Alison started, "I knew there was something about you. Why do you think I was staring all the time?"

Bobby was lost for words, but once Alison started talking, it became more and more evident.

They were both born in Hershville.

They were both born on the 1st of March 2012.

There Mother has died giving birth.

Plus both their fathers had died in a car crash.

Dr Fredrickson, who had left the room, could still hear the conversation.

He came back in and said.

"If you two don't mind, I would like to look into this, I have a good friend in the registrary office." 

Both agreed they left the class. Both headed home in a daze.

What was happening? Had they found a living relative? And living next door to each other.

The weekend passed, and they never spoke to each other or anyone else about this.

Monday morning, before class, they were summoned into the headmaster's office.

The headmaster, Mr Jenkins, told them to sit down and listen to what Dr Fredrickson had to say.

"I worked all weekend on this, and I have something to tell you," he continued, "I have news. You were both born to the same mother and father. You are brother and sister. Twins separated at birth." 

There was a deadly silence, as the pair looked at each other. Slowly the twins stood up and hugged each other and tears were shed. Even by Dr Fredrickson, I might add.

At there respective homes, more happy tears were shed.

Now, dear reader, you may think that this is the happy ending of the story and that it could possibly not get any better.

You would be wrong.

As if by magic, both households received a letter the very same day. Stating Bobby's father had been found alive in the desert, and Alison's mother had been freed from the terrorists by Nato.

They became closer to each other than they had to any other living soul.

Their lives became complete because they had found each other.

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