"I bid you a hearty welcome to my website. I hope you will enjoy the material inside and please do tell your friends about it. If you want to know more about myself or my projects, please feel free to contact me via the contact page.

New to the Website


All quiet for now - events coming soon


The tabloid for people with an alternative sense of humour


New social media profile

(January 2021)


There is so much negative stuff going around about the well-known social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp (all owned by Facebook) I felt it was time to broaden my social contacts and spread my projects to pasture new. Minds site is the future of social media and if you have a profile, please join me Zeek (@zeekthefreak) | Minds..

There is also a new Dutch one Friendweb...catch me here

Zeek Catweazle (friendweb.nl)

New bedtime stories section

(January 2021)


Due to the success, Zeek is having on his Children's book writing course. He has decided to include some of the stories on this website. Plans are in progress for a possible book release, so the full stories are only temporary available here. So enjoy them 

Bedtime stories

New band formed

(December 2020)


A new musical project has been born out of the ashes of My Celtic Faith. (which is returning to it's celtic roots) The band features Zeek with Lennaert Roomer and Lars Vrasdonk and will be a rock/metal band.

Later more. Check out the website


Both Artists names now official

(December 2020)


Happy to announce both my artist names Zeek and Zeek Catweazle are now officially mine. Adding them to the ZEEKtheFREAK one as well. I am happy to have these.

New Project with Frostbyte

(December 2020)


Coming soon a new musical project of Zeek and Lennaert Roomer (Frostbyte in ZEEKtheFREAK). After listening to the music from Lennaert's two projects The Blade Itself and Hand of Nothing Zeek thought it would be interesting for the two to record together and Lennaert agreed. 

More news to follow

The Fools Funnybone 3 now online.

(October 2020)


The release of the 3rd edition of the Zeek's zany tabloid  The FOOLS FUNNYBONE is official and is now available for everyone to read, but please be warned, this edition is even madder than the first two

read it here THE FOOLS FUNNYBONE 3

Zeek given the all-clear

(June 2020)


After many months of vocal/throat problems, a visit to the Nose and Throat department of the M.C.A. (Medical Center Alkmaar) has given Zeek the all-clear sign. there are no problems and his vocal cords are fine and healthy.


He can begin work on the D.I.D. album and the album of ZEEK & GIZ.

ZEEK & GIZ reunion

(January 2020)


The Infamous ZEEK & GIZ made a surprise reunion appearance at a Burns Night Party in Alkmaar. Performing together for the first time in nearly 10 years they performed covers of traditional Scottish songs. It was such a success they are planning to do some gigs soon with traditional music and their own compositions.        www.zeekandgiz.com.

Zeek appearing in a Dutch film

(May 2019)


Zeek is slowly moving towards a different direction in the entertainment world when he will be acting as extra in an up and coming film 'Huisvrouwen bestaan niet 2'  (Housewives don't exist 2) in Holland. The film is to be released around Christmas 2019. No surprise, but he will be appearing as a barman in a biker bar.

Zeek working with the Rachel band

(April 2019)


Zeek has started collaborating with Dutch musician Maus Muziek. He'll be writing the lyrics for the up and coming album from the Rachel band. He has already penned 4 songs and is currently working on a 5th track. When the album is to be released is as yet unknown and hopefully, we'll have more details about this project later

Zeek breaks hand in a party prank

(January 2019)


Zeek has broken a bone in his left hand after a stupid prank at a Hogmanay party with friends. It seems the Freak has still not lost his silly streak.

This mishap has put him out of action for the next couple of months.

Will he ever learn?

Brought to you courtesy of The Fools Funnybone

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