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The Fools Funnybone is back online

(April 2020)


I have finally started work on putting my zany and funny tabloid The FOOLS FUNNYBONE back online for everyone to read and enjoy. Work on the website will probably continue up until the release of the F.F. 3, which is planned for January 2021.

Important links:

The Fools Funnybone Official website

F.F. edition 1

F.F. edition 2

F.F. edition 3



Short stories now available on the website

(August 2020)


AWhile we are waiting for the finish and the publication of 'The Curse of th Phantom Panty thief of Foddleburg.

Zeek has included a few of his short stories on this website

The index is:

New stories will be added when they have been written and you can only only view them on this website.

Zeek given the all-clear

(June 2020)


After many months of vocal/throat problems a visit to the Nose and Throat department of the M.C.A. (Medical Center Alkmaar) has given Zeek the all-clear sign. there are no problems and his vocal chords are fine and healthy.

Great news...

This is great news for Zeek and not so good news for the people who had hoped he would have to be quiet for a while...au contraire, things are only beginning and they are gonna get wilder.

He can begin work on the D.I.D. album and the album of ZEEK & GIZ.

The Infamous ZEEK & GIZ website online

(April 2020)


The return of the two for gigs and for recording means they also have joined Cyberspace with the launch of their website

Plans for a CD and live shows have been put on hold for now due to the Coronavirus that has taken over the world.

They are however both writing new material and the live show is destined to be one of humour and music, original and Scottish Tradiotional songs


ZEEKtheFREAK project

(May 2020)


The ZEEKtheFREAK project was best known for it's extravagant and controversial shows, but times have changed and to progress musically, so must the idea behind the project. Plans drawn up for a new concept for the project revealed soon.

Keep up to date via the ZEEKtheFREAK website

CD Baby has closed its online shop

(April 2020)


Provider en distributor of ZEEKtheFREAK's musical catalogue CD Baby have decided to close their online shop for downloading music.

They will continue to distribute the tracks to other providers such as iTunes, Amazon and similar companies.

Any links you have for ZEEKtheFREAK tracks are no longer useable and can be deleted.

Zeek's novel delayed release

(March 2020)


Due to a rewrite for a better flow in the story, Zeek has decided to delay the release of the book until further notice.

The book was due to be released sometime this year, but that plan now looks highly unlikely

Zeek hopes in the meantime to work on a new FOOLS FUNNYBONE, another project which has been on hold for far too long. He hopes also to have the first 2 editions online again, very soon

He is hoping to recruit other writers, with the same sense of humour so that the tabloid can appear more often.

We will keep in you touch with news updates concerning both projects


ZEEK & GIZ reunion

(January 2020)


The Infamous ZEEK & GIZ made a surprise reunion appearance at a Burns Night Party in Alkmaar. Performing together for the first time in nearly 10 years they performed covers of traditional Scottish songs. It was such a success they are planning to do some gigs soon with traditional music and own compositions. More news on this to follow

The new album has a title: D.I.D.

(December 2019)


The new ZEEKtheFREAK album has a name. It is being called D.I.D. (Dissociative identity disorder). This is a perfect name, we feel, according to the cover. A massive thank you to everyone who had entered the competition.


The recording of the album should begin early 2020.


This album will hopefully return ZEEKtheFREAK 's musical venture back to producing original and alternative music.

Zeek feel's his music was turning a bit mainstream and that was not what the project was all about


For more information on D.I.D. please visit this link

Zeek appearing in a Dutch film

(May 2019)


Zeek is slowly moving towards a different direction in the entertainment world when he will be acting as extra in an up and coming film 'Huisvrouwen bestaan niet 2'  (Housewives don't exist 2) in Holland. The film is to be released around Christmas 2019. No surprise, but he will be appearing as a barman in a biker bar.

Zeek working with the Rachel band

(April 2019)


Zeek has started collaborating with Dutch musician Maus Muziek. He'll be writing the lyrics for the up and coming album from the Rachel band. He has already penned 4 songs and is currently working on a 5th track. When the album is to be released is as yet unknown and hopefully, we'll have more details about this project later




Confessions of a music Freak

The words and thoughts of Zeek Catweazle

To laugh or not to laugh

(January 2020)


When we, as civilised human beings, characterize our humour, it is that we laugh at things WE feel are funny. Our humour is defined by how we see it, but only through our own eyes, not through the eyes of another. It’s all to do with the Theory of relativity, I think they would call it... read further

Makes me wonder

(December 2019)


I have to be sincerely honest, this is something that I most definitely think about, I would even say nearly daily. Am I even on the right road?...read further

Holiday in Dundee

(ZEEKtheFREAK on tour in Scotland 2019)


This blog will give people documented views of my return visit to my home-town. This will be the first visit in nearly 10 years.

Read all about my journey.

Holiday in Noord Brabant

(ZEEK cucling tour of Noord Brabant 2020)


This blog will give people documented views of my cycling tour in around the beautiful city of Eindhoven. I also visited Belgium.

Read all about my tour.



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